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Friday, May 05, 2006

Getting a Jump Start?

I have already started my Christmas knitting for 2006. If that makes me seem a bit ahead of the game, perhaps a wee bit obssessive or maybe just nuts - fear not, I'll still be rushing around in December just like everyone else. This just makes me FEEL like I'm pre-planning. Plus, I'll drop this when the arriving babies become a little more "apparent" because I'll be panicking about getting THAT knitting done (since that's what I'm procrastinating about now).

It seems like the only time I get anything actually done is on knit night and I'm gabbing half the time I'm there (and it's questionable whether or not I'm making any progress) so this will be a repeat for anyone who saw me Wednesday night, but this is a knit blog (supposedly). Therefore I present my first attempt at lace knitting (going rather well if I do say so myself). It's for the boyfriend's mom - red is her favorite color - and it's from some stash yarn that I got in a bag from one of my tenants a few years back. It's a mohair/acrylic/something blend and from the looks of the ball band, it's "vintage", but it's the perfect color for her and I figure the mohair will hide any tiny mistakes (not that there are any - well at least not anymore). I'm a little worried about the blocking - I've heard you just pull and stretch the heck out of lace, but I've never done it and I'm not sure WHERE I'll do it - so suggestions are welcome, but I've certainly got time, there's at least three balls left of this stuff and I figure I'll need all of it. Hopefully I won't need more than that because I'm out of luck there!

Stay tuned for more action knitting photos to come!


  • At 6:56 AM, Anonymous heather said…

    You're so good to be starting gifts now. I'm the type to wait until a week before the holiday to start a gift project. :)

    I must say, that shawl is fab. Just fab. If that's your first lace attempt, I am in awe! The color is scrumptious too! Isn't lace fun? You're making me crave a lace project.
    Do you have any carpet in your house at all? I put a towel on the carpet in the spare room, then stretch and pin the wet shawl right to the carpet. Then I direct a fan on it so it'll dry fast. If you don't have carpet, you could do it on your bed, just make sure you find all the pins when you're done. Ouch.

    Good luck! I'm so excited to see the finished lace! Woohoo!

  • At 12:00 PM, Blogger Janis said…

    BEAUTIFUL! I have a board you can borrow that has ruler marks on it. I will help you if you want.

    I will also take you up on the "Steek" party if you let me borrow your machine. Wine will be served :--)


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