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Friday, March 31, 2006


Ok guys - this is what I've been helping out with in my spare time. When my neighbor passed away, she left behind many four legged children. Her niece promised to find them good homes and we are all helping out - but the neighbors can only take so many of them. Go check out this new blog of doggie and kitty "Personal Ads" - and if you can't take one home - please pass the word - these kids need homes. All of them were saved from the streets and all are spayed or neutered. I am updating information as I get it - I'll be calling the vet tomorrow to find out as much as I can. All the comment e-mails on that page will come to me and I will pass the information on to Arlene so she can call folks back. Thanks for any help you can give - just passing the word is huge.

Fuzzy-Faces in Need of Warm Hearts

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