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Friday, March 17, 2006

This was supposed to be my knitting blog.....

...but sadly, I've not done a lot of knitting lately. Remember that sweater I was going to work on while on the plane? Me neither. The above photos show how much knitting I've accomplished while flying - actually, I got less that that done - I worked on the heel on Wednesday night (and yes, it's the SAME sock). I finally went to knitting night at the LYS as I have been meaning to do for, oh, months, but was either too shy or too busy to go. Surprisingly, no one bit me and I really enjoyed myself (but probably talked too much). There was talk of mugging me on the way to my car for my sweater but that just made my ego swell and besides, I used to live in Detroit - you can't scare me with a little mugging.

So, this is my first adult sock - I had to see what the fuss was all about. While I am enjoying knitting it, I think I may not be a sock person after all. I'll do them from time to time - but I'm a hat person. Hats are what I can do mindlessly - I can make them up out of nothing and finish them quickly - the sock needs attention from me and is more of a project than something that keeps my hands out of trouble.

I'll be knitting at the hospital today. My neighbor is 86 and had a stroke while I was in London. I felt horrible because her niece was calling me at home as I was the informal emergency contact, and she couldn't reach me. I realize I am allowed to go on vacation - I mean I've only been here for 6 years, my neighbor's been here for 50 or so and she managed before I came along - but I feel badly all the same. So, I sit by her bed and can't think of anything to say because it used to be that I couldn't get her to stop talking. It's so quiet. I'd forgotten what this is like, the waiting for someone to die. Don't get me wrong, I want her to come home - it's not the same without the routine sounds that would make up my morning of her letting the dogs out and cleaning the yard and talking to them - she never had kids and they are her babies. But I am also trying to be realistic about her condition. What's so uncanny about the whole thing is that, in the past week, I've been told of three impending births - two on the block (one is a not sure yet) and my new niece or nephew to be. I guess it's all about the balance. There's sadness, but also a lot of joy.


  • At 9:15 AM, Anonymous laurie said…

    I'm a hat person too! Long live the hat peeps! (see how I throw in the bad ghetto slang?)

    I'm sorry about your neighbor--

  • At 8:44 AM, Blogger Janis said…

    Hey Lisa,
    I am sorry about your neighbor. You didn't talk to much. You fit right in.

    Hey, go check out the picture I took for you. Sheets were clean!


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