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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Only two more days 'til LONDON

I am finally going on a vacation - my first since before buying my house in 2000. (Visiting family is great - but doesn't count as vacation exactly.) Sweet Babboo and I are going to London for a 10 days - he has to work for three of them - but it's all play for me. Suggestions on things to see/do are welcome.

While I'm on the plane, I plan to work on this:

I am going to actually do my first top down sweater, custom to my measurements, but I like the looks of this one, so I'll try to use the lace pattern at the hem. The yarn is actually a little prettier than the photo shows, but it's really soft Anny Blatt kid mohair. Hopefully a ten hour flight will give me some time to concentrate and get a chunk done.

Another 6 am call tomorrow - it's been a long long week. I look forward to sleeping in during the next one.


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