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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Sweet Babboo Goes To The Emmy's!

And takes me with him! WAY back in May, Sweet Babboo and I got to take a little trip to the Big Apple so he could attend the Sport's Emmy's due to his nomination. His crew didn't win this time, but they now have their sights set on next year. Instead of being by his side (no tickets for the wives or Babboo-ee's) I went shopping in the garment district and found all sorts of cool material and trims.

The next day we took in the Radical Lace and Subversive Knitting Exhibit at one of the galleries (I can't remember which at the moment) and we did some shopping Babboo style. He likes Barney's. It would seem that I am a lucky woman, no? Unfortunately, I too have my moments of style (when I'm not wearing REI gear or jeans) and fall in love with things like a $5000 Thierry Mugler trenchcoat. Sadly, this is too rich even for the Babboo's budget and I must pass my days dreaming of it's exquisite stitch detailing and it's fabulous construction and how it makes even me look like I am 5'8" and 110 pounds (too far? OK, maybe just the last part...). Instead, I am turning into my mother (not that it's a bad thing, mind you) and poking at seams and details all while saying things like, " $700! For this! (turns garment inside out and sticks head up the skirt, blouse etc - the garment on the hanger, not the one I'm wearing - we're only a little weird) I can do this for $20 and a better job at that. hmmph". So back we go to the garment district and pick out all sort of things to modify SB's clothes and do a few of my own - I've been in a design-y mood lately. He can actually be fun to drag around in fabric stores once I can get him to visualize what I'm doing (and it involves at least some of his clothes. Turns out I am lucky after all.

Oh yeah - that side of beef on my plate up there? Old Homestead Steakhouse in the meatpacking district. The food is great, but what makes this place for us? Brian the waiter. We met him on a trip two years ago to NYC and he is quite possibly the best waiter on the planet. Really. Don't even bother to order - just ask him what to eat - he'll make sure you leave with at least your top pants button undone and happier for the whole deal (and believe me - I'm not usually happy when that happens!). He's still there - ask for him by name! Next time we'll get a photo of him too!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Mom's Monkey Socks

Those are my mom's feet in her first ever custom-fit hand-made socks. And her super hot legs - I am lucky in the calf gene pool. I have to admit that I tricked her; she claimed she didn't want any wool socks, that they would be too scratchy - "even the nice expensive wool?", I asked. "Even that." So I found this cute pattern ("monkey" on Knitty) and made them but didn't graft the toes until she got here. Once she put them on though, do you think she wanted to give them back? Interestingly enough - she kept them and saved them just for the plane ride home. I hope the TSA agent admired them properly.

The best part of the story is that not just her legs came to visit me! We got to go out to eat and shop and argue about who loads the dishwasher best and cook together and just hang out. Of course, now that she's gone, it's finally sunny out here instead of the gloomy fog we had all last week. Wouldn't you know it? It's probably good that she's gone now or I'd be catching it for posting the second photo - Olivia loves her grandma, there she is guarding her. She's no fool, she knows who will toss a ball for her.