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Monday, October 16, 2006

It Lives! or Four Things About Me

I've been REALLY busy with work and home lately and wanting to catch up here so I don't disappoint my two or three loyal readers, but the business took over. I am sort of copping out here - but I decided to answer Crazy Aunt Purl's four things meme tag. In general, I hate chain mail of any kind - I'd rather risk a failing love life and "something bad" over the collective hate of friend's who've been tagged. Purl did it the right way - passing it on to whomever wanted to do it - very clever of her. In that spirit and because I loathe the threats, if you want to do the meme - I'd love to hear it, but I promise that any doom that comes to you from failure to complete the chain will not come from me. Onwards.....

Four jobs I have held:

*Polyester wearing, meat stirring, drive-thru working Taco Bell employee. Hey - it was the first job I ever got all on my own (without help from Dad knowing someone or just hiring me himself). After that I gladly used my father's associations to get jobs - nepotism rules.
*Animal feeding, cage cleaning, bathroom cleaning park services employee. After having to clean up after the animals and the people - I would pick animals any day. People are pigs.
*Bartender. In Flint, Michigan. Do not f*** with my tips or I will throw a drink in your face. Not a very classy joint.
*Photographer's assistant. I got to see cars when they were just lifesize models and drive around the neighborhood in ones with the tops cut off (it's been a while - I can't remember what we called them) in Highland Park. I also learned to change tires, my oil and other useful facts about cars while waiting for film to come back from the lab. Yes, film.
*Just for fun - a fifth one. Landlord. See the part about the park employee.

Four movies I can watch over and over:

*Antonia's Line - a Dutch foreign film - but fabulously funny and sad all at the same time
*The Jerk
*I am at a total loss on this one - which, if you knew me, is pretty funny because I LOVE watching movies - but there's really not enough time to see all the ones I'd like to, so I don't usually watch many of them over and over. However, one that I've seen recently that I really liked was : The Sea Inside

Four Places I Have Lived:

*Mt. Pleasant, Michigan
*Grand Rapids, Michigan
*Detroit, Michigan
*San Francisco, California

Four TV Shows I Watch:

*Nip/Tuck - trashy TV at it's finest
*CSI - all of them - but especially Miami
*Law and Order - SVU would be the priority
*Without a Trace - OK - I have a thing for the morbid - Jerry Bruckheimer is getting rich off of me

Four Places I Have Vacationed:

*Amsterdam - I love to travel

Four Favorite Dishes:

*My Mom's Lasagna
*My Mom's Jello Salad with the cream cheese and black cherries - laugh all you want, I'll eat your serving
*My Dad's Grilling - anything really, but that man can char up a slab of beef like no one's business
*My Mom's Apple Pie

Four Website's I Visit (almost) Daily:

*A Chance to Knit
*Crazy Aunt Purl
*Go Fug Yourself

Four Places I'd Rather Be:

*On the pontoon boat at my Dad's house in Michigan
*At the cottage that used to be my grandparent's on Green Lake (Michigan)
*Snowboarding on Mount Tahoe
*On a balcony overlooking the sea in Italy, sipping cappucino and eating something good

Four Bloggers I Am Tagging:

No tagging, I promised. Send me your four favorite anythings though - if you want....


  • At 12:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Jerry Bruckheimer addiction must be genetic. I would trade Without a Trace (although very good) for Grey's Anatomy, though.

    What I would give to able to go back to Green Lake:) That place was the best.

  • At 6:29 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Tell us 4 things about the skweezy, pleez.


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